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Witches Of The Night

August 10, 2009

They all take a magical flight.

They unite together and cast their bit of magick.

They have their potions and take a notion to cast a wicked spell on an unsuspection victim.

They walk together down a cobbled stone road, and find a single toad.

Then they take some bones and place into the black pot.

They have a lot of them, and stir like so.

Then they take a bit of gold, as a ring, and give it a fling into the witches brew, and there you have a witches spell working right before their own dark eyes.

Then after they are done, they get right back on their witchy brooms and sail away into the dark velvet sparking silver skies.

Copyright 2009 By: Melanie L. Miller

**Note from the author: "I am a published author of the novel, "Cadillac Cruising". I have had 4 poems published in True Romance and The Goblin Reader". Melanie Lynn Miller** (posted with permission August 10, 2009)


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