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Here's what's new!

  Check out our new Rings we have added to our web site.

  We are now selling some of our products at our new Auction Shoppe. Stop by and see what being auctioned off!!

  We are now selling some Portable Altars. This are really get for traveling. Go check them out!!

  Well as you can see we have made a MAJOR change to the entire web site. We have also changed part of the business name from "Crafts, Herbs & Stuff Shoppe" to "Broom Shoppe". We changed our name because at some point this is all we will be selling. Please take your time going through all the pages and we hope you have a Blessed time while you are visiting and will come back soon!

  This web site is going to continue to make changes over the course of this year (2012), by adding new products and getting rid of some old products. We hope you like the new changes happening and can find things you would like to purchase.

  We are developing some new ideas that are being worked on right now. So, please keep checking back to see what new things are being added.