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Till The End Of Time

August 6, 1996 - For R.A.W.

I was feeling so unsure of myself,
Until you and I started talking again.

I had no emotions left inside,
Until I looked into your lovely blue eyes.

In time all wounds will be healed,
And in that time you will still be here for me.

I know I will be able to trust once more,
And when I do you will be the one for me.

For the first time in many years,
I have fire back in my body and soul.

The flame that burns deep in my hazel eyes,
Eyes that want you deep inside my soul.

Once more I feel alive inside again,
I owe it all to you, my loved one.

I don't like being left here without you,
And having the feelings of missing you.

I want you to stand beside me in all I do,
And being there for me when I need you.

I love the way you make me feel deep inside,
The way you listen and support me too!

I want so much to say I'm falling in love with you again,
But it's much, much to soon.

I know in time it will be easier,
To say I love you once again.

I know now we never should have parted,
But we needed the time to make sure of what we wanted.

I love the way you touch my face, the way you touch my body,
The way you hold me close to you.

I love your strong supporting arms around me,
Holding me tight against you.

I feel your tender kisses against my lips,
Making me want you more.

I must keep these feelings I have for you,
So very close to my heart.

If I don't keep these feelings away from everything else,
Then I will surely lose you. I can't bear that thought.

I want these feelings I have for you,
To stay with me for eternity.

I know that we can make things happen,
Now and Forever.

By: Lirica Copyright 1996


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