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The Path of The Male Pagan

It is certain that there is no 'one true way' , but I think that a lot can be said for sustainable life-affirming paths, just as a lot can be said against destructive or sheep-mentality paths. Although I personally believe that all have their place, even if it isn't a big one. To me, a male pagan respects balance in all things, especially in themselves.

Physical strength and disposition to sacrifice all for the sake of success make it easy for men to be unbalanced internally, disregarding spirit and integrity, which is a trap to be avoided. As too the other traps: extreme pride, extreme greed, extreme anything really.

A male pagan seeks balance in community. Recognising that in trusting and being trustworthy each person is able to more safely and thoroughly pursue their paths and this strengthens the community. (Too often the male dream is of independence and standing tall proud and alone, which can often become a weaknesses if there is something you can't handle alone and you are too proud to ask for help.)

Where possible, people should learn general skills to be able to stand alone (although specialise in their area of interest or greatest skill), but also be able to integrate as part of a strong community (which is built with trust, integrity and a common goal). I believe that the goal is important, because where there are people living together, there will be differences in perspective/attitude/ideals --- which may be easier resolved if they are working towards a common goal.

In regards to being able to stand alone, you may not be a warrior, and be happy to leave that path to those that chose it, relying on them to protect you. But if you found yourself in a position where they couldn't help you and a little skill in this area was needed, then that may make all the difference. To me, it is basic survival to be able to stand tall and proud and alone, and be able to take these skill back into your community for mutual support and survival.

It is easy from a position of physical and intellectual strength to attempt to dominate the living world - a self deception because we bring ourselves down with it. It has happened many times in the past - with natural disasters, plagues, famine, war, ecosystem imbalance (which is happening more often these days and can cause huge damage to the natural environment which is often our source of food). There is a kids game which you can buy in the shops. First of all, you built a tower with rod-like blocks, then each person removes one rod.... you get the picture? Some of this is happening in the natural world mainly due to human activity and impact. How many small ecosystem collapses do we need before a major one tumbles down?

One thing that my partner pointed out to me recently, is that there is a large positive place for the warrior in our society - fighting injustice, fighting oppression, fighting environmental damage. Even just standing up and voicing your opinion in the presence of hostile opposition is a warrior trait. Long live these warriors!

It is easy to belittle the past and ignore the future, and it easy to get caught up in the endless abstract goal and ignore the realities of living cycles of life. Goals are important, but often there are other goals being achieved - not always at the human level. Sometimes they affect your goals - but that's life.

A male pagan accepts that there is a spiritual --secularized as a significant or meaningful-- relationship to be had with the natural world. It is not merely a service to us, we may experience it as animated, or use that notion metaphorically. (This sets us apart from the materialist society and shapes many of our practices - although there is a big difference, in my opinion, between believing something as a concept, and doing.)

A male pagan understands that maleness is complemented by femaleness. We seek to understand these energies as they are present in others and ourselves to greater and lesser extents at different times.

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