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September - Mabon

Conduct a Pagan baby naming -- a wiccaning -- in a wooded park under the light of the Moon; serve crescent-shaped cookies and lunar luquids such as milk and wine.

Hang a cloc cosanta (Irish luck stone) in your bed chamber as a shield against unwanted spirits and other visitors.

Never cut an elder tree down as it is sacred to the Crone and doing so will bring bad luck; but an elder planted near the house will keep bad spirits away.

Dating back to the 1200s, some cultures believed that consumption of henna roots brewed each morning helps calm the nerves and rejuvenate the body.

A cluster of smoky quartz absorbs negativity.

Wheat is sacred to Demeter, Greek goddess of grain; use wheat ears in spells for abundance.


1st - Celtic Tree Month of Hazel ends.  Death of Doreen Valiente, 1999.  Planting Day.  Labor Day.

2nd - Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins.  Planting Day.  Ramadan begins.

3rd - Planting Day.

4th - Planting Day.

6th - Origination of Gaia Theory by Oberon Zell, 1970.

7th - Theosophical Society founded by H. P. Blavatsky, Henry Steele Olcott, and others, 1875.

8th - Pluto comes out of Retrograde (11:14 pm EDT).

9th - Else Pfraum, a baker from Koppern, Germany, sentenced to death for witchcraft, 1603.

10th - Birthday of Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, owner and president of Llewellyn Publications, 1930.  Vesta goes into Retrograde (7:47 pm EDT).

11th - Birthday of Silver RavenWolf, Wiccan author, and of the Wiccan Pagan Press Alliance (WPPA).

12th - Birthday of Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz, 1902.

13th - Phillip IV of France draws up the order for the arrest of the Templars, 1306.  Planting Day.

14th - Birthday of Henry Cornelius Agrippa, scholar and magician, 1486.  Church of All Worlds moves headquarters from Missouri to California, 1978.  Planting Day.

15th - Planting Day.  Full Moon (Harvest Moon).

16th - Death of Giles Corey in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692.  Harvesting Day.

17th - Death of Hildegard von Bingen, medieval saint and metaphysician, 1179.  "Bewitched" debuts on "ABC TV", 1964.  Harvesting Day.

18th - Birthday of Cecil Williamson, witchcraft researcher and prior owner of Gerald Gardner's museum building on the Isle of Man, 1909.  Planting Day.

19th - Congressman Robert S. Walker introduces bill HR-3389 to amend IRS rules to deny tax-exempt status to witchcraft organization, 1985.  Planting Day.

20th - Harvesting Day.

21st - Death of Eleanor Bone, "matriarch of British witchcraft," 2001.  Harvesting Day.

22nd - Mabon/Fall Equinox.  Sun enters Libra.

24th - Harvesting Day.  Mercury goes into Retrograde (3:17 am EDT)

25th - U.S. Senate passes the "Helms Amendment" denying tax exempt status to organizations espousing witchcraft, 1985.  Harvesting Day.

26th - Leo Martello is initiated into a Sicilian coven.

29th - Celtic Tree Month of Vine ends.  Planting Day.  New Moon.

30th - Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begins.  Planting Day.  Rosh Hashanah.

EDT = Eastern Daylight Time will become Eastern Standard Time (EST) on November 2, 2008

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