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School Sites

Grey School Of Wizardry - Welcome to the Grey School, a Wizard school for kids and adults alike!

The College of The Sacred Mists An Online Wiccan College - Our training will lead you to ordination as a Wiccan High Priest or Priestess. What is wonderfully unique about The College of The Sacred Mists is that it is able to be followed in the time frame you have available to learn and provides you with an affordable way to grow within a structured Wiccan learning environment.

The Eldritch Tradition - The Eldritch Tradition and Site is a Bardic Path for the teaching and expansion of awareness in Bards. It is to help those to recognize themselves as Bards or to help those already aware to expand their understanding of what it means to be a Bard.

The Enchanted Society's School of Magick - Welcome!

Witch School - Your Online Wicca and Magickal Education.