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Pagan's Way

Not for my feet, the Mage's High Golden Road.
My heart is set in silver,
Wind in the trees
Green grass beneath my feet,
And the Moonlit grove.

Content with the power in the deep bones of the Earth Mother,
I would not command the heavens.
I have trod the Solitary Path, and shall again.
I have heard the Lady's laughter at Moonrise
And suffered Her tender scourge in my heart.

I have eaten with the Lord of Shadows
And been re-born
I have spied shy, horned faces
Peering golden-eyed from the rocks at the circle's edge.

And I have called to the Watchers at the World's four quarters.
And from their gates, They answered.
I have watched the Salamanders dance in the fire's embers,
And the Undines in the chortling streams.

All this I know, and more
I have no need of the passionate cold of the Celestial vault.
Or the comet's fire.
I will walk my quiet road in peace,
And conjure spiral wonders
For the morning's Sun is gold enough for me.
By: Gale Perrigo (with permission)


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