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On The Re-bound?

February 22, 2005 "Thanks!" Tonia Nicole Brown (This is not the same person that wrote "To Be A Witch")

Is it me, or is it the way you smile at me unhesitating with longing in your eyes. Is it me, or is it the way you caress my body and hold me firmly against your frame. Oh yeah, slow down, I forgot, I may be on the re-bound.

Just friends? Do friends succumb and freely let their selves go in ecstasy, no hesitation, no doubts, free of resistance? Maybe.

But wait, you have another. Is the same connection held with your designated love? Is the smell of your love with her as sweet? Is it as good as it gets, does the world turn, are you young and the restless in her presence. Maybe. Or perhaps Iím on the re-bound.

The things I see, the things I feel, I question. Re-bounding is a funny--funny thing. It will make you feel things that youíve been longing for some time without submission. It will make you acceptant of things that are unacceptable just to have a warm body to hold. It will have you giddy just to keep from crying. I know this. On the re-bound? Iím not sure. What I do know is that Iím grown and I know what I want. What Iím sure of is if I am on the re-bound, itís not due to lack of prospects, you my friend, are the chosen one. On the re-bound? MaybeÖbut no one else made the cut. I might be on the re-bound, but I feel what I feel, and damn it feels goodÖ.what are you feeling? If I am on the re-bound, what are you on?

You say you want to remain friends, no matter the situation, you donít want to lose that. On the re-bound, Iím not sure. Just friends? Fuck that! On the re-bound, I donít think so. I know what I feel---and Iím feeling youÖ. but you donít hear me though. Then again, maybe you do, and Iím not hearing you. DAMN!

Copyright ©2005 By: Tonia Nicole Brown


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