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November - Fall

Place dried rosemary in the bed linen to encourage faithfulness.

Complete an evening's repast with the Elizabethan aphrodesiac treat of the herb sea holly boiled in sugar; it was prized because it enhanced the seductive lure of mermaids.

Think twice before disturbing an elder tree as the act would rattle the venerated gift of Mother Earth and fill her with wrath, and bad luck would surely follow.

Include ivy, sacred to Bacchus, god of wine and revelry, in rituals prior to celebratory gatherings as ivy symbolizes immortality.

Burn beeswax candles in spells for success or career, to take advantage of the industrious energy of the bees.

Lemon verbena adds a bright note to tea or potpourri, and in the flower language it means sensitivity.


1st - Aquarian Tabernacle Church established in the United States, 1979.  All Saints' Day.

2nd - Circle Sanctuary buys land for nature preserve, 1983.  Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 am.  Neptune comes out of Retrograde (1:38 am EST)

3rd - Petronella de Meath, servant of Lady Alice Kyteler, is executed in the first recorded Witch burning in Ireland, 1324.

4th - Fourth witchcraft bull issued by Pope John XXII, 1330.  Guy Fawkes plots to blow up House of Lords, 1605; celebration of Fawkes' death (Guy Fawkes' Night) merges with Halloween tradition in England.  Election Day (general) GO VOTE!!

7th - Planting Day.

8th - Sentencing of the Witches of Zugarramurdi, 1610.  Bessie Dunlop condemned for fraternizing with the elfin court, Scotland, 1576.  Planting Day.

9th - Birthday of Carl Sagan, astronomer and author.  Brad Gwydion Pendderwen dies in a car accident, 1982.

10th - Birthday of Paracelsus, magician, alchemist, hearler, 1493.

11th - Veterans Day.

12th - Planting Day.

13th - Death of anthropologist Margaret Murray, whose theories on witchcraft fueled movement in 1950's in England to rediscover witchcraft as a religion, 1963.  Planting Day.  Full Moon (Mourning Moon).

14th - Harvesting Day.

15th - Aquarian Tabernacle Church established in Canada, 1993.  Death of Albertus Magnus, a ceremonial magician who allegedly discovered the philosopher's stone, 1280.  Harvesting Day.

16th - Release of the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, 2001.  Planting Day.

17th - Birthday of Israel Regardie, occultist and member of the OTO, 1907.

18th - Aleister Crowley initiated in to the Golden Dawn as Frater Perdurabo, 1898.  Birthday of Maria Kay Simms, high priestess, author, and artist.  Harvesting Day.

19th - Birthday of Theodore Parker Mills, Pagan teacher and elder, born 1924.  Harvesting Day.

20th - Church of All Worlds incorporates in Australia, 1992.

21st - Sun enters Sagittarius.

22nd - Birthday of Roger Bacon, 1561.  Stewart and Janet Farrar begin their own Alexandrian coven, 1970.

23rd - Birthday of Lady Tamara von Forslun, founder of the Church of Wicca and the Aquarian Tabernacle Church in Australia.  Raymond Buckland initiated by Gerald Gardner's High Priestess Lady Olwen, 1963.

24th - Celtic Tree Month of Reed ends.

25th - Edward Kelly's death is noted in the diary of Dr. John Dee, 1595.  Celtic Tree Month of Elder begins.

26th - Paracelsus the Swiss alchemist born, 1493.

27th - Thanksgiving Day.  New Moon.  Uranus comes out of Retrograde (11:08 am EST).

29th - Henge of Keltria, Celtic-Neopagan Druid organization in U.S., incorporated as nonprofit, 1995.

30th - Birthday of Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Church of All Worlds, 1942.

EDT = Eastern Daylight Time will become Eastern Standard Time (EST) on November 2, 2008

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