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New Age/Metaphysical Information Sites

Accurate & Genuine Irish Psychics - Accurate Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings & Angel Readings. Powerful Love Spells, Magic Spells to cover any situation & much more!

Hecate's Cauldron - Welcome to Hecate’s Cauldron.....a website of mystery and Magick, of beautiful Rituals, Invocations, Chants, and Dedications which will inspire you and enable you to feel the magick; feel Her power; feel Her presence. Whether you are a new Priestess or Priest to the Craft, or a practicing Pagan and/or Witch of many years, you will find truth, knowledge and wisdom throughout this most magickal website, for in the cauldron of Hecate, you will be reborn into life, wisdom, and magick. We are born from the cauldron of Hecate, and Her torches lead us through our journey of life.

Impressions By Lirica All Paths Information Center - All Paths Information Center is packed full of information on every page! Stop on in and have a look around today!

Wiccan Interfaith Council - The Wiccan Interfaith Council srives to promote greater understanding and appreciation of Wicca, through interfaith/intrafaith services, educational forums, and social activism.

Witch in the Wood - Welcome and Merry Meet! This website is a place of learning and spiritual growth. Wicca and Spiritual Path studies, including Wicca 101, basic spellcasting, honoring the God and Goddess, Basic Ritual work - Advanced Wicca, the sacred wheel, wicca sabbats, and Esbat Fullmoons, Ritual work, Elements and Elementals, Runes. Links to local drumming circles, online stores, and pagan and witchcraft networks.