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My Sunny Day

October 30, 1996

I woke up this morning feeling tried and unrested.

As I walked to the bathroom,
Lying in my path was a great big puddle of water.

It had been raining all night long,
And the roof was now leaking inside my room.

I took my nice long hot shower,
And then got dressed for my long cold day.

I walked outside, to see the dark gray clouds,
Water was still falling from the cloudy sky above.

I got into the car,
And left for my painful hours at physical therapy.

As I was driving along,
I saw a small rainbow in the sky.

I have never seen a rainbow so full of color,
The colors were bright and clear.

It looked like someone had painted the rainbow
Right onto the sky.

The Red was deep in color,
Like a Red ruby.

The Orange was gorgeous,
Like a sweet tasting Orange.

The Yellow was bright,
Like the hot burning sun.

The Green was so brilliant,
Like the rolling Green meadows.

The Blue was soft,
Like the color of the sky.

The Purple was magnificent,
Like something you've never seen before.

As I enjoyed the beautifully colored rainbow,
I realized that I couldn't stop smiling.

It made me think of only one person,
The good friend I met only a few weeks ago.

Then for some strange reason I looked up higher into the sky,
And there I saw a very faint rainbow.

As the hours had pasted I've had him on my mind,
Trying to understand him, without being able to see him.

As I drove down to the end of my road,
To meet the bus that carried my youngest sister,
I still couldn't get him out of my mind.

While I was waiting for the bus, I looked up at the sky,
And there it was, another faint rainbow.

I thought to myself, WOW three in one day,
Maybe my luck is changing.

For the first time in my life,
I feel that I have control.

With him still on my mind,
I thought of the conversations we have had.

The smiles, the tears, and the chat it's self,
Brought a tear to my eye.

Jeff, you make me feel special inside,
And in this, I hope we will be friends,
For the rest of our lives.

By: Lirica Copyright 1996


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