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Moon Garden

By Sedwin na Sidhe

Create a special are in your garden (or with pots on a terrace if you live in an apartment). In the center, use white stones or crystals to form a circle. Surround the circle with plants that have silvery leaves or white flowers such as Lamb's Ears, Dusty Miller and while cyclamen.

If you place your garden near a wall or fence, use to as a support for Moon flowers which will add nighttime fragrance. Plant Mugwort in each of the cardinal directions. (At the end of the summer this can be dried and used in ritual.)

Use your moon garden for full moon ritual and meditation. Place an offering and different sacred objects in the center of circle during full moons.

Dear Sister Moon,
Shine on me,
With peace and power,
So mote it be.

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**Note from the author: "Thank you for making so much available to so many people." Blessed be, Sandra Kynes** (posted with permission June 9, 2002)


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