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May - Beltane

The Celtic Sun god Bel, whose name means "shining," gaves us the holiday Beltane, with its traditional balefires.

Knots can trap malignant spirits; a knotted fringe makes the perfect finishing touch on an altar cloth.

On Beltane, decorate your altar with figs and their leaves; the Roman festival of Nonae Caprotinae connected the goddess of fig trees with the lustful goat god, Pan, because fig trees were popular resting places for satyrs.

Ardor waning? Make it peachy with a shared piece of fruit; Medieval herbalist Albertus Magnus claimed that the peach spurred intercourse, and folklore has it that it cures impotence.

To call on forest fairies, include the ceremonial act of baking bervain and thyme into sweet cakes; bless the cakes and leave them for the fairies to spurge on at their leisure.

To acknowledge the power of Fulgora, the goddess of lightning, attach a bay larurel to a door knocker. It will prevent lightning strikes.

The aspen, a tree of protection, can help create strong psychic shields; plant aspens to guard your home.


1st - Belatne/May Day.  Order of the Illuminati (ceremonial magic order) formed in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt, 1776.  Death of Arnold Crowther, stage magician and Gardnerian Witch, 1974.  Silver RavenWolf's To Ride a Silver Broomstick is published by Llewellyn, 1993.

2nd - Saturn comes out of Retrograde (11:07 pm EDT)  Harvesting Day.

3rd - Birthday of D.J. Conway, Wiccan author.  Edward Kelly tries to convince Dr. John Dee and their wives to sign a wife swapping agreement, 1587.  Harvesting Day.

4th - New York Herald Tribune carries a story of a woman who brought her neighbor to court on a charge of bewitchment, 1895; case is thrown out.

5th - Cinco de Mayo.  Planting Day.  New Moon.

6th - Long Island Church of Aphrodite founded by Rev. Gleb Botkin, 1938.

8th - Planting Day.

9th - Joan of Arc canonized, 1920.  First day of three-day Roman festival Lemuria, when the spirits of the dead are thought to revisit their homes; one possible origin of Halloween.  Planting Day.  Jupiter goes into Retrograde (8:11 am EDT).

10th - Birthday of Karl E. Kraft, German astrologer who opposed Hitler.

11th - Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans ban Christmas celebrations because they are too Pagan, 1659.  Mother's Day.

12th - Celtic Tree Moth of Willow ends.

13th - Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins.  Planting Day.

14th - Planting Day.

15th - On Ides of May, vestal virgins performed rites to ensure water supply for the coming summer.  Planting Day.

16th - Planting Day.

17th - Planting Day.

18th - Planting Day.

19th - Planting Day.  Full Moon (Flower Moon).

20th - Birthday of Plato, 429 BC.  Sun enters Gemini  Harvesting Day.

21st - Birthday of Gwydion Pendderwen, Pagan Bard, 1946.  Harvesting Day.

22nd - Adoption of the Earth Religion Anti-Abuse Act, 1988.  Planting Day.

23rd - Feast day of Hermes Trismegistus, patron of alchemy.  Planting Day.

25th - Scott Cunningham initiated into the Traditional Gwyddonic Order of Wicca, 1981.  Harvesting Day.  Chiron goes into Retrograde (7:42 am EDT).

26th - Dr. John Dee allegedly begans crystal-gazing, 1581.  Harvesting Day.  Memorial Day (observed).  Mercury goes into Retrograde (11:48 am EDT).  Neptune goes into Retrograde (12:14 pm EDT)

27th - Final confession of witchcraft by Isobel Gowdie, Scotland, 1662.  Birthday of Morning Gory Zell, Church of All Worlds.  Planting Day.

30th - Death of Joan of Arc, 1431.  Harvesting Day.

31st - Harvesting Day.

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