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March - Ostara

To induce visions of your future mate, make a dumb cake of flour, water, eggs, and salt; in this British Isles tradition, silence must be maintained during the ritual to ensure its effectiveness.

On the Vernal Equinox (March 20) honor Eostre, the spring lunar goddess; her sacred animal, the hare, was chosen because of its association with fertility and its likeness in the Full Moon.

Wearing lavender oil as a perfume eases the menopausal transition.

Romans once wore garlands fashioned from peenyroyal to assuage drunkenness; the garlands are also good for relieving modern society's tension headaches.

Essential oil of fennel encourages self-expression and communication.

Use sodalite in healing spells to reduce stress and aid grounding.


1st - Preliminary hearings in the Salem Witch trials, 1692.  Birthday of the Golden Dawn, founded 1888.  Covenant of the Goddess (COG) is formed, 1975.

3rd - Church of All Worlds (CAW) incorporates in Missouri, becoming the first Wiccan church to do so in the U.S., 1968.

4th - Harvesting Day.

5th - Boston Globe prints article about Wiccan clubs forming at state colleges, 2000.  Harvesting Day.

6th - Birthday of Laurie Cabot, "Official Witch" of Salem, Massachusetts, Wiccan author.

7th - William Butler Yeats is initiated into the Isis-Urania temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, 1890.  New Moon.

8th - Death of Aidan Breac, 1989.

9th - Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 am.

10th - The famous first meeting of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly is said to have happened on this day in 1582.

11th - Planting Day.

12th - Birthday of Stewart Edward White, psychic researcher, 1873; he later became president of the American Society for Psychical Research in San Francisco.  Planting Day.

13th - Discovery of Uranus, 1781.  Birthday of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.  Suppression of Witchcraft Act passed in 1957, banning the practice of witchcraft in South Africa. Since then, hundreds have been accused of witchcraft and killed.

14th - Jacques de Molay, head of the Knights Templar in France, retracts his confession of heresy before being burned at the stake, 1314.

15th - Pete Pathfinder Davis becomes the first Wiccan priest elected president of the Interfaith Council of Washington State, 1997.  Planting Day.

16th - Birthday of J. Z. Knight, channel for Ramtha.  Planting Day.  Palm Sunday

17th - St. Patrick's Day.  Birthday of Eileen J. Garrett, Parapsychology Foundation.  Celtic Tree Month of Ash ends.

18th - Celtic Tree Month of Adler begins.  Birthday of Edgar Cayce, psychic researcher, 1877.

19th - Criminal witchcraft statute enacted under Queen Elizabeth I, 1563; this statute was replaced in 1604 by a stricter one from King James I.  Planting Day.

20th - Ostara/Spring Equinox.  International Astrology Day.  Death of Charles Godfrey Leland, author of Aradia, Goddess of Witches, 1903.  Death of Lady Sheba, 2002  Sun enters Aries.  Planting Day.

21st - Mandate of Henry VIII against witchcraft enacted in 1542; repealed in 1547.  Inauguration of Isis-Urania temple of the Golden Dawn and initiation of Monina Mathers, 1888.  Green Egg Magazine founded, 1968.  Good Friday.  Purim.  Full Moon (Storm Moon).

22nd - Pope Clement persuaded by Philip IV to suppress the Templar order, 1311.  Birthday of Pete Pathfinder Davis, founder of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

23rd - Birthday of Dane Rudhyar, astrologer.  Easter.

24th - Arrest of Florence Newton, one of the few people burned as a Witch in Ireland, 1661.  Planting Day.

25th - Pope Innocent III issues a bull to establish the Inquisition, 1199.  Planting Day.

26th - Birthday of Joseph Campbell, professor of mythology.  Harvesting Day.

27th - Birthday of Rudolph Steiner, philosopher and father of bio-dynamic farming movement.  Harvesting Day.

28th - Scott Cunningham dies of complications caused by AIDS, 1993.  Harvesting Day.

29th - Planting Day.

31st - Last Witch trial in Ireland held at Magee Island, 1711.  The Fox sisters "contact" spirits, sparking the spiritualist movement, 1848.  Harvesting Day.

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