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Let Go

October 20, 2007

Hi, Its me, again on my own,
No flesh to compare with, nor skin , nor bone,
So, we decided it was time to have our baby,
For 2 years now, every month its maybe, maybe,
But as always the answer is a negative one,
This monthe we are not having a daughter or son,
Why is this happening to him and me?
We had planned the dates and the times perfectly,
I think its the power only she holds,
But its festering within me like a child that was sold,
So Teresa let me go, let me be free,
And let me make him the father he deserves to be,
32 years ago you gave me away,
How cruel and awful it should still affect me today,
I am sick of what happened because of your choice,
Let me be free just to hear my own voice,
Everyday you refuse to let me see you,
But I have done my time, a visit is due,
If not just free me, give me our baby,
Let us live our lives in some kind of peace,
Let these horrible things I feel stop now, cease,
All I want to do is give us the family we need,
Not be filled with feelings of you and of greed,
Let it go, let it fly, let it be free,
Watch the feelings float high, high over the sea,
Go out and relax, have a drink, have some fun!
But never forget,
How you felt, how you sweat,
How I cried
How you lied,
How you never stood side by side with Michael's child.

Copyright ©October 20, 2007 By: Helena Boatman "Please list my poem! Thank you." (with permission 10-20-07)


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