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June - Litha

At sunrise on Midsummer's morning, gather your magical herbs and flowers; they will be especially potent if harvested today.

Ladybugs are fairy pets; catch one and make a wish, and as it flies away it will take your request straight to the fairies.

Attending a wedding this month? Make your gift Medieval; meat pies, spice cakes, breads, cheese, wine, and ale, were traditional Medieval gifts.

Use pansies in love magic; they've symbolized loving thoughts since the Renaissance.

According to an ancient Scottish tradition, only weddings performed under the Full Moon brought happy and lasting marriages.

Always leave a small area of your garden unweeded for the fairies to tend; this gives them something to do, and keeps their mischief far from your home.

Use Rosemary to break hexes.

Ginger is an herb of new beginnings; eat candied ginger to gain initiavtive and self-confidence.


1st - Witchcraft Act of 1563 takes effect in England.

2nd - Birthday of Alessandro di Cagliostro, magician, 1743.  Mother Shipton (Ursula Sontheil), famous seer and patron saint of women working in laundries, is celebrated today.

3rd - Birthday of Marion Zimmer Bradley, fantasy author and editor.  Harvesting Day.  New Moon.

5th - Planting Day.

8th - Birthday of Grant Lewi, Astrologer.

9th - Birthday of Grace Cook, medium and fouder of White Eagle Lodge.  Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn ends.  Planting Day.  Shavuot.

10th - Hanging of Bridget Bishop, first to die in the Salem Witch Trials, 1692.  Celtic Tree Month of Oak begins.  Planting Day.

11th - James I Witchcraft Act repeals Elizabeth I's 1563 mandate and replaces it with stricter laws, 1604.  Planting Day.

12th - Anniversary of the day settlers landed at Salem in 1630 and ate fragrant wild strawberries.  Planting Day.

13th - Birthday of Lirica, Poet since 1986 (first published in 1998), Witch since 1997, BroomMaker and other Pagan handmade crafts since 1992, International Online Shoppe Owner since 2000 and soon to be a Book Author.  Birthday of Gerald Gardner, founder, Gardnerian Tradition of Wicca,1884.  Birthday of William Butler Yeats, poet and member of the Golden Dawn, 1865.

14th - Flag Day.  Planting Day.

15th - Margaret Jones, a Boston physician, becomes the first person executed as a Witch in the Massachusetts Bay Colony when several patients died, 1648.  Planting Day.  Father's Day.

17th - Birthday of Starhawk, Wiccan author.

18th - Third convene of the Council of Trent for Church Reform, 1561.  Church of All Worlds chartered with IRS, 1970.  Full Moon (Strong Sun Moon).

19th - Birthday of King James I of England, famous for anti-witchcraft laws, 1566.  Marriage of Margot Adler in first Wiccan handfasting to be carried in the "New York Times" society pages, 1988.  Mercury comes out of Retrograde (10:31 am EDT).  Planting Day.

20th - Litha/Summer Solstice.  Planting Day.  Sun enters Cancer.

21st - Pope Paul III issues the bull Licet Ab Initio, making the inquisition in Rome the central authority on heretics, 1542.  Harvesting Day.

22nd - Final witchcraft law in England replaced with the fraudulent mediums act, 1951.  Harvesting Day.

23rd - Harvesting Day.

24th - Enactment of 1763 mandate against "pretending" to perform witchcraft, England.  Birthday of Janet Farrar, Alexandrian Witch and author.  Planting Day.

25th - Law introduced in Germany by Archbishop Siegfried II to encourage conversion, rather than burning, of heretics and Witches, 1233.  Planting Day.

26th - Richard of Gloucester assumes the British throne after accusing the widowed Queen of Edward IV of witchcraft, 1483.  Harvesting Day.  Uranus goes into Retrograde (8:01 pm EDT).

27th - Birthday of Scott Cunningham, Wiccan author and Solitary Witch, 1956.  Harvesting Day.

28th - Birthday of Stewart Farrar, Alexandrian Witch and author, 1916.

30th - Harvesting Day.

EDT = Eastern Daylight Time will become Eastern Standard Time (EST) on November 2, 2008

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