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July - Summer

To protect your Book of Shadows from prying eyes, keep a mulberry or catnip leaf tucked between its pages.

"Bride's laces," guilded rosemary twigs tied with colorful ribbons, were offered to Medieval wedding guests.

To avert misfortune when a single blackbird flies your way in the afternoon, Gypsy supersition suggests you acknowledge its presence with a courteous bow and say: "Good day, your majesty".

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and concerns business, money, generosity, teamwork and joy.

Blue is the color of truth and honor; wear it to help people believe in you.


1st - Death of Nostradamus, 1566.  Harvesting Day.

2nd - Trial of Joan Prentice, who was accused of sending an imp in the form of a ferret to bite children, 1549.  Planting Day.  New Moon.

3rd - Planting Day.

4th - Independence Day.

5th - Conviction of Witches at third of four famous trials at Chelmsford, England, 1589.

6th - Scott Cunningham initiated into the Ancient Pictish Gaelic Way, 1981.  Planting Day.

7th - Celtic Tree Month of Oak ends.  Planting Day.

8th - Celtic Tree Month of Holly begins.  Planting Day.

9th - Death of Herman Slater, proprietor of the store Magickal Childe in New York, 1992.  Birthday of Amber K., Wiccan author.  Planting Day.

11th - Planting Day.

12th - Birthday of Henry David Thoreau, author and naturalist.  Planting Day.

13th - Birthday of Dr. John Dee, 1527.  Birthday of Dr. Margaret Murray.

14th - First recorded appearance of crop circles on Silbury Hill, England, 1988.

17th - First airing of "The Witching Hour", a Pagan radio show hosted by Winter Wren and Don Lewis, on "WONX" in Evanston, Illinois, 1992.

18th - Full Moon (Blessing Moon).  Harvesting Day.

19th - Rebecca Nurse hanged in Salem, Mssachusetts, 1692.  Harvesting Day.

20th - Pope Adrian VI issues bull calling for purging of "Sorcerers" by "fire and sword", 1523.  Lord Hunterford executed in England for treason for consulting Mother Roche, a Witch, and speculating on the king's death, 1540.  Harvesting Day.

21st - Planting Day.

22nd - Northamptonshire, England witches condemned, 1612.  Sun enters Leo.  Planting Day.

23rd - Birthday of Max Heindel, Theosophist and Rosicrucian leader.  Harvesting Day.

24th - Harvesting Day.

25th - Death of Pope Innocent III, who issued famous anti-witchcraft bull "Summis Desiderantes Affectibus", 1492.  Planting Day.

26th - Confession of Witches at first of four major Witch trials in Chelmsford, England, 1566.

27th - Jennet Preston becomes the first of the "Malkin Tower" Witches to be hanged; she was convicted of hiring the Witches to help her murder Thomas Lister, 1612.  Harvesting Day.

28th - Harvesting Day.

29th - Agnes Waterhouse, accused of having had a spotted cat familiar named Sathan, is hanged, one of the Chelmsford Witches tried in the first major trial after the instiution of the Elizabethan statute against Witchcraft, 1566.  Harvesting Day.

30th - Trial of Marion la Droituriere accused of hiring Margot de la Barre to make her ex-lover impotent, 1390; first trial of lower-class women accused of ceremonial magic in paris.

31st - Birthday of H.P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society.  Birthday of Ellen Evert Hopman, Druid herbalist.  Day to honor trickster god Loki and his consort Sigyn.

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