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January - Winter

In Roman mytholgy, the two faces of Janus represent past wisdom and future knowledge.

Hanging round-shaped sun-catchers in the windows promotes harmony, adds rainbows, and brings positive chi to any room.

For poetic inspiration, light a purple candle and offer hazelnuts to invoke a muse; the hazel tree was associated with poetry in Celtic Paganism.

For good luck and prosperity throughout the year, season your New Year's Day meal with sweet basil.

Burning blue candles in your home, especially if there have been rows or conflict there recently, will bring peace into your home.

Wear a dime in each shoe on New Year's Day and you will have money all year.

Black is the color of binding, death, female power, and protection.


1st - New Year's Day.  Kwanzaa ends.  Birthday of Sir James Frazer, author, The Golden Bough.

3rd - Death of psychic Edgar Cayce, 1945.

4th - Aquarian Tablernacle Church registered in Australia, 1994.  Harvesting Day.

5th - Christianity is introduced to England in the year 597.  Birthday of Jeanne Dixon,astrologer, 1918.  Harvesting Day.

6th - Circle Sanctuary wins zoning battle and receives legal church staus, 1988.  Patricia Crowther's radio show, "A Spell of Witchcraft, airs in Britain, 1971.  Harvesting Day.

8th - Birth of MacGregor Mathers, one of the original founders of the Golden Dawn, 1854.  Dion Fortune, member of the Golden Dawn, dies, 1946.  New Moon.

9th - Jamie Dodge wins lawsuit against the Salvation Army, which fired her for being Wiccan, 1989.

10th - Islamic New Year.

12th - Mary Smith hanged; she had quarreled with neighbors, who said that the devil appeared to her as a black man, 1616.  Planting Day.

13th - Final witchcraft laws repealed in Austria, 1787.  Planting Day.

14th - Official Confession of Error by jurors of Salem Witch trials issued, 1696.  Human Be-In, a Pagan-style festival, attended by Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsburg, 1967.  John Bilymire, a Witch, is convicted along with two accomplices for the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer, known as the "Witch of Rehmeyer's Hollow," 1929.

16th - Astrologer Zolar dies, 1976.  Birthday of Dennis Carpenter, Circle Sanctuary.  Planting Day.

17th - Nicholas Flamel, assisted by his wife Perenella, claims to have discovered the secret of transmutation when gold appeared in a vessel, 1382.  Planting Day.

19th - Birthday of Dorothy Clutterbuck, who reportedly initiated Gerald Gardner, 1880.

20th - Celtic Tree Month of Birch Ends.  Sun enters Aquarius.  Planting Day.

21st - Celtic Tree Month of Rowan begins.  Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (observed)

22nd - Birthday of Rasputin, the "mad monk" of Russia.  Birthday of Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher.  Full Moon (Cold Moon).  Harvesting Day.

23rd - Birthday of Marija Gimbutas, anthropologist.  Power of the Witch by Laurie Cabot and West Country Wicca by Rhiannon Ryall are published, 1990.  Harvesting Day.

24th - Birthday of Robert Burns, Scottish poet.

28th - Mercury goes into Retrograde (3:31 pm EST)

29th - Birthday of Emanuel Swedenborg, scientist and theologian, 1688.  Planting Day.

30th - Birthday of Zsusanna Budapest, feminist Witch.  Mars comes out of Retrograde (5:33 pm EST).

31st - Dr. Fian, alleged leader of the North Berwick Witches, refused to confess and was executed in Scotland, 1591.

EST = Eastern Standard Time will become Eastern Daylight Time (EST) on March 9, 2008

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