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I Need To No

August 14, 2009

Would you try to save me?

Or would you let me walk away?

What if I need you baby?

Would you be the one to run to if I needed you?

I shouldn't say this, but I miss you and I love you baby, I understand we are far away, but I can't hold this in or take this thin.

What if I need you?

Can't you tell that I need you?

Would you turn around for me or would you walk away?

Why me, heart beats faster and faster, but baby I cry in the inside for the love not the hate!

What if I need you baby?

Where I smile and say what if your the bad guy?

And for no reason my heart stopped beating and you turned rite back around and run to me and you neverleft again?

If only I new how much you loved me or would you run away and say I did love you?

Reaching a limit you could not hold no lounger then you said goodbye, I took a deep breath when I was lying in the hospital bed, I just wanted to no how much you cared and loved me?

I almost forgot to say on my last breath, I loved you so much from the moment, he didn't go out with me, he took the iv and stabed it in him and say I love you to die with you I care so much that I would cryand die and be with you as we cry baby.

I love you and your not dieing with out me!!!!

I would never true away baby, its to late we are flying and you could never tell that I love you, because you never been where I stand baby.

We are flying baby girl we are dying.

We are becoming the bomb again!

Before you break up with her or him tell them the truth and tell then how you really feel don't have someone do it for you.

They need to no how your face was and how much you cared and loved them.

Don't let them die and you not go down for it.

Let them no you care and you love her/him a lot.

It's not going to work no more!

Copyright 2009 By: Brianne Strahan

**Note from the author: "This happend to my little girl. She wrote this and I found it in her notebook. Her boyfriend seems like he is having a bomb of a time". Alexis Strahan** (posted with permission August 14, 2009)


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