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I Know You're Out There Somewhere

May 3, 2006 "This is a little something I wrote when I was lonely and hoping to find my dream girl. I'm still looking. Thanks for the opportunity to put my stuff somewhere." Steven Duran

Well,I know you're out there somewhere and I know we'll meet someday
Feels like I've always known you, so many things I'd like to say...
You've been in my thoughts forever...I can't get enough of you
On sleepless nights you're by my side and in my dreams I find you too.
Your face, your body, I caress, perfume assaults my mind
Your playful soul that I possess as I leave the world behind
I wonder if you feel the same and think about me too
or lightly laugh behind my back as I sleep and dream of you
I can't believe the times I've felt you've been so close to me
Not sure if it's just make-believe, or welcome fantasy.
It's in my heart i know it's true that you've been meant for me
Hopefully the time comes soon, you'll be my company.
I'll wait to kiss those tender lips and feel your breath on mine,
It's then i hope that time stand still, forever left behind.
Yes, I know you're out there somewhere and I know we'll meet someday...
But until that treasured moment, it's for you that I still pray.

Copyright 2006, Steven Duran (with permission)


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