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October 3, 2007

I CRY, I CRY every night just becuse I think someone doesn't love me.
I CRY only because I'am inside looking out, I CRY.
To think that I am not going to wake up to see the next day.
I only cry because I see a person in me people dont know and they need to know I CRY, I CRY for you I Cry and me I CRY for everyone, I CRY, I CRY so much that I become sick.
I also cry people who think that they're so much and and think that they dont have to love others I CRY, because they didn't have real love from their parents but from nannies who really not love them but them act like it do they can get some money from wealthy family.
Thy become so diffrent and up killing them selves like many people have in this world.

Copyright 2007 By: Cierra Adams "I really hope you guys enjoy my poem" (with permission 10-11-07)


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