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Graphics Used On This Site

Some of the grapics used on this web site came from the following web graphic sites or people:

The image of the pentacle, triad knot, herb jar and broom (called "Lirica/Pentacle") was designed by The Ink Witch Sabrina, for this company. To use this artwork, you MUST have WRITTEN permission from the owner of this company. If you use this artwork without the OWNER'S permisson, you will be subject to any and/or all legal fees, time and effort to pursue this matter and damages. All banners, buttons and bars made with the "Lirica/Pentacle" image, triad knot or broom, were designed by Lirica.

Flag came from computer clipart, but the design of flag and words, "Remembering September 11, 2001", was designed by Lirica.

Name Tag was designed by Sherry (a very good friend).

Any and all banners used on our Home page, Banner's Link page and Awards page are designed and owned by that person(s) web site/company and permission to use them on our site have been granted. You must seek their permission before using their graphics. We will not be held responsible for any legal action taken against any person(s) for using their graphics without permission.