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February - Imbolc

1st - Leo Martello becomes a third degree Welsh traditionalist, 1973.  Harvesting Day.

2nd - Imbolc/Candlemas.  Groundhog Day.  Birthday of Marie Laveau II, daughter of "Voodoo Queen" Marie Laveau, 1827.  Harvesting Day.

5th - "Great Conjunction" of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius, 1962.  According to folklore, this is a powerfull day for all forms of divination.  John Dee marries his second wife, Jane, 1578.  Mardi Gras.

6th - New Moon.  Ash Wednesday.  Harvesting Day.  Solar Eclipse.

7th - Death of Thomas Aquinas, Catholic scholar who wrote that heresy was a product of ignorance and therefore criminal, and refuted the Canon Episcopi, 1274.  Death of Stewart Farrar, Wiccan Author, 2000.  Chinese New Year (Rat).

8th - Birthday of Evangeline Adams, astrologer.  Birthday of Susun Weed, owner of Wise Woman Publishing, 1946.  Planting Day.

9th - Planting Day.

10th - Zsusanna Budapest arrested and later convicted for fortune telling, 1975.

12th - Birthday of Cotton Mather, minister during the Salem Witch trials, 1688.  Gerald Gardner, founder of the Gardnerian Tradition, dies of heart failure, 1964.  Planting Day.

13th - Death of Cotton Mather, minister at Salem Witch trials, 1728.  Planting Day.

14th - Valentine's Day.  Else Blum, a farmhand from Oberstedten, sentenced to death for witchcraft, 1652.

15th - Pope Leo X issued bull to ensure that secular courts would carry out exectuions of witches condemned by the Inquisition, 1521.

16th - Birthday of Galileo, astronomer.  Planting Day.

17th - Celtic Tree Month of Rowan ends.  Planting Day.

18th - Celtic Tree Month of Ash begins.  Planting Day.  Presidents' Day (observed).  Mercury comes out of Retrograde (9:57 pm EST)

19th - Birthday of Brad Steiger, hypnotist.  Sun enters Pisces.

20th - Society for Psychical Research, devoted to paranormal studies, founded in London, 1882.  Full Moon (Quickening Moon).  Lunar Eclipse.

21st - Stewart Farrar is initiated into Alexandrian Wicca, 1970.  Death of Theodore Parker Mills, Wiccan Elder.  Birthday of Trish Telesco, Wiccan author.

22nd - Birthday of Sybil Leek, astrologer and Witch, 1923.  Birthday of ShadowCat, Wiccan author.

23rd - Concept of Witches' sabbat appears for the first time in church documents of the Carcassone and Toulouse regions between 1330 - 1340.

26th - Birthday of Camille Flammarian, astronomer and psychic researcher.  Planting Day.

27th - Bull of John XXII issued; first bull to promote the theory of witchcraft, 1318.

28th - Harvesting Day.

29th - Leap Day.  Harvesting Day.

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