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Diana's Bow

May 9, 2004 "This one is about the moon. Lots of people don't realize that at first." Tonia Brown

She, slung low at first,
As daylight slowly dies,
Red as blood, nestled
Between the high and rise.
Slowly drifting past the noise,
As amber as the city lights,
Past the dust and past the dreams
She crawls into the starry night.
A golden crescent scaling high
She stays for a moment, then
She arcs across the endless sky,
Like a floating Cheshire's grin.
This silver sliver, silent now,
Aiming as she goes her way.
This quiet queen rules every night
Until her sun king breaks the day.

Copyright 2004 By: Tonia Brown (AKA: Ziller & Starkraven Madd) (with permission) Church Of Wicca


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