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Dancing Angel

May 3, 2006 "Thanks for the opportunity to put my stuff somewhere." Steven Duran

In my nights, alone and sleeping, behind a scarlet veil I see,
a sultry, shiny, shimmering, of promise meant for me
Curiosity moves it all aside and a stage is set aglow...
I look to see thru misty eyes what's meant to be a private show.
I gaze upon heer loveliness, this creature from beyond...
Her eyes that rest upon my face, don't leave me till the dawn.
Jewels that ride her body high, her gems are strung below,
A dream caress of golden thigh, her feathers softly flow.
She is the vision of my soul, a love I call my own,
Dancing Angel dance for me and dance for me alone.....

Copyright 2006, Steven Duran/Int'l Library of Poetry (with permission)


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