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Custom Made Broom Quote Form

This form was put together so we could gather the information needed to put a quote together for you. **NOTE: NO INFORMATION WILL EVER BE SOLD OR GIVEN TO ANYONE!! This information is for OUR records to put a quote together ONLY!! All information MUST be in ENGLISH!!**

Please make sure you have your list of Numbers (example: PE-NW) to insure that you get the right colors when filling out this Quote Form. You will be given an estimated shipping price when you receive your qoute.** FREE Goodie Bag included with every purchase!

* Required

* 1 . Wood Type:

* 2. How long does the broom need to be? (please give in inches):

NOTE: if you are going to be jumping over the broom with your partner, here is how to measure the length of the broom. Stand side by side and measure from your shoulder to the end of your partners shoulder and then add 8" to the measurement. The extra inches is to make sure you have plenty of jumping space.

* 3. What type of broom would you like made? (**if you are ordering a flower broom go to question #4, otherwise skip down to quesion #10**):

4. Which Flower Type(s) and Color(s) you would like in your broom/besom?:

Mini Gypsy:

MG-BGRN - Basil Green  MG-BO - Bitter (orange)  MG-BL - Blue  MG-PL - Plum  MG-YEL - Yellow

Sesame Bloom:

SB-BGRN - Basil Green  SB-BUR - Burgundy  SB-DKBL - Dark Blue

SB-HGRN - Hunter Green  SB-LTBL - Light Blue  SB-NAT - Natural

SB-PEA - Peach  SB-RED - Red  SB-RSE - Rose

SB-ALD - Almond  SB-BL - Blue  SB-LAV - Lavender

SB-MAE - Mauve  SB-MGRN - Meadow Green  SB-PL - Plum

SB-PUR - Purple  SB-SYEL - Sun Light Yellow  SB-WGRN - Willow Green

Misty Caspia:

MC-BL - Blue  MC-BURED - Burgundy Red  MC-GRN - Green

Statice Sinuata:

SS-BL - Blue  SS-PUR - Purple  SS-RSE - Rose  SS-WHT - White


W-BLBD - BlackBeard  W-BLKNT - Black Knight  W-BYRED - Berry Red

W-BTOK - Burnt Oak (orange)  W-GGRN - Grass Green  W-ORN - Orange

W-YEL - Yellow  W-GRN - Green  W-NAT - Natural


PH-BUR - Burgundy  PH-DTRS - Dusty Rose  PH-PEA - Peach

PH-BL - Blue  W-PH-HVT - Harvest  PH-MOC - Mocha

Hill Flower:

HF-HBR-Harbor (dark blue/purple)  HF-FHA - Fuchsia


BG-EGG - Eggplant (dark purple)  BG-RED - Red

BG-YEL - Yellow  BG-BRN - Brown  BG-NAT - Natural


R-BGRN - Basil Green  R-GLNBRN - Golden Brown

Avena Oats:

OF-AO - Avena Oats


OF-FLAV - French Lavender  OF-MSLAV - Mexican Sage (Lavender)


OF-LAGN - Lagurus (Natural)

5. Which Feather(s) you would like in your broom/besom?:

Peacock Eyes:

PE-N - Natural  PE-B - Bleached  PE-BDDRKT - Dark Turquoise Bleached & Dyed

PE-BDGLD - Gold Bleached & Dyed  PE-BDKGRN - Kelly Green Bleached & Dyed  PE-BDMARPUR - Mardigras Purple Bleached & Dyed

PE-BDORGN - Orange Bleached & Dyed  PE-BDPUR - Purple Bleached & Dyed  PE-BDRED - Red Bleached & Dyed  PE-SDBUR - Burgundy Stem Dyed

PE-SDHTPK - Hot Pink Stem Dyed  PE-SDORNG - Orange Stem Dyed  PE-SDRBLU - Royal Blue Stem Dyed  PE-SDTUR - Turquoise Green Stem Dyed

Peacock Swords:

PS-N - Natural  PS-BDBUR - Burgundy Bleached & Dyed  PS-BDCBLU - Country Blue Bleached & Dyed

PS-BDDRSE - Dusty Rose Bleached & Dyed  PS-BDEGG - Eggshell Bleached & Dyed  PS-DSHR - Shrimp Bleached & Dyed

Peacock Butterfly:



RGP-N - Natural

6. Do you want to use my ribbon or your own ribbon?:

NOTE: if you are going to use your own ribbon, please skip down to where you can enter your ribbon color. If you are going to use my ribbon, please go to the next question.

7. Which large ribbon color would you like to have on your broom/besom?:

Halloween Ribbon:

Fall Ribbon:

Spring Ribbon:

Summer Ribbon:

Children's Ribbon:

Solid Ribbon:

Other Ribbon:

My Own Ribbon Color:  

8. Do you already have your own ribbon?:

9. Do you want us to buy it for you? (if the answer above is yes, skip this question):

10. Which Hemp Cord (twine) Color(s) (this is for the Plain Straw & Plain BroomCorn Brooms ONLY!) would you like on your broom/besom?:

Hemp Cord Colors:

11. Which Small Ribbon would you like on the top of your broom (this is the ribbon that your broom will hang from on the wall):

12. Which Wood Burning Symbol would you like on your broom (this is not part of the FREE inscription, you will have to pay for each symbol):  

13. Would you like to add any broom favors to your qoute? (if yes, go to question #14, #15, #16 and #17. If no skip down to question #18):

14. Broom Favor Size:

15. What Flower Color you would like on your broom favor?:

16. Which Small Ribbon would you like on your broom favor? (ONLY ONE COLOR):

17. How many broom favors will you need?:

18. The following information is needed to figure out shipping charges, the e-mail address & phone number for contacting you with the quote information. You will be contacted by e-mail first.

* Your First & Last Name:

* Address being Shipped to:

* City being Shipped to:  * State being Shipped to:

* Zip Code/Postal Code being Shipped to:

* Country being Shipped to:

* Contact Phone Number:

* Contact E-Mail Address:

* Date of Event:

* How Did You Hear/Find Us?:

Please add any comments you have below:

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