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Custom Made Broom Favor Quote Form

This form was put together so we could gather the information needed to put a quote together for you. **NOTE: NO INFORMATION WILL EVER BE SOLD OR GIVEN TO ANYONE!! This information is for OUR records to put a quote together ONLY!! All information MUST be in ENGLISH!!**

Please make sure you have your list of Numbers (example: PE-NW) to insure that you get the right colors when filling out this Quote Form. You will be given an estimated shipping price when you receive your qoute.** FREE Goodie Bag included with every purchase!

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* 1. Broom Favor Size: 

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* 3. Which Small Ribbon would you like on your broom favor? (ONLY ONE COLOR):

5. The following information is needed to figure out shipping charges, the e-mail address & phone number for contacting you with the quote information. You will be contacted by e-mail first.

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