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Aydin & Dawn's Handfasting (Oct 2005)
Ben & Brade's Handfasting (June 2006)
Ben & Kristin's Handfasting (October 2006)
Billy & Lara's Handfasting (October 2007)
Mark & Meghan's Handfasting (March 2008)
Charles & Christi's Handfasting (April 2009)
Jackson & Rebecca's Handfasting (September 2009)
Dan & Heather's Handfasting (August 2011)
Raffle & Auction Custom Made Brooms

Custom Made Brooms are ideal for someone getting married/handfasted or as a gift.  You can choose from any of the 4 types of wood (link to pictures are above) we currently have available (Cottonwood, Sycamore, White Mulberry or Cork Screw Willow.  We will have more types of wood as they come available).  You can choose from an aray of colored ribbons and flowers (links to pictures are above).  We have a Custom Made Broom Quote Form (link above) for you to fill out and send by E-Mail.  This form asks you all the important questions needed to give a Quote.

When you purchase a broom for a handfasting and/or wedding you will receive your own web page complete with pictures of your broom, any and all pictures of your special day (which we like to have for our custom made photo album) and a testimony about your broom.  You will be given the web page addy when the page is complete and you are very welcome to send family and friends to this page.  There is NO added cost to you, it's a free service we provide and is an added bonus to buying your broom from us.

When buying a custom made broom, you will need to fill out the form above to put your broom together.  From there you will be sent a quote for the price of the broom by E-Mail first.  Your quote will include the following: broom Amount, Tax (for California residents) and Shipping and Handling fees (NOTE: the shipping and handling fees may vary due to the dimensions of the broom Length/Height/Width of the finished broom.  The fees could be more or less then what is quoted and you won't be charged for shipping til your broom is finished.  A Custom Made Broom is considered a Large or Oversized Package.)  Pre-approval is required before charging your credit card and you can be sent an invoice to a secure web site to pay by credit card.  Paypal customers will be sent a Paypal bill.  You will also receive information about payment options.

There will be 2 charges (unless you are willing to pay the entire Sub-Total upfront and then the shipping charges will be charged before the broom is shipped.  When paying the entire sub-total only half of the money is refundable, unless the materials haven't been purchased, then all the money is refundable.).  The first charge is for 50% of the Sub-Total (this does not include the shipping and the sub-total is a non-refundable deposit.  This is non-refundable due to the cost of buying the materials needed to put your broom together).  The second charge is for the other 50% of the Sub-Total and the shipping and handling fees.  You can pay for your custom made broom by: Credit Card (visa, mastercard, discover or american express, not with paypal), PayPal (visa, mastercard, discover, american express or echeck), Regular Check (by mail), Money Order (by mail) and Cashiers Check (by mail).

Please allow 4 to 6 Months (under 4 months will be considered a RUSH JOB and a RUSH FEE of $100.00 will be applied to your quote!!) for your broom to be put together and to ship the broom.  The amount of time to put the custom made broom together depends on the length of the handle and how many flowers are being used.  Lirica is the type of person that the broom has to be perfect.  She puts in more time in making sure the broom is perfect for your day.  You can see her completed designs above.  We offer a FREE inscription on the broom (this is done by Wood Burning), this doesn't include wood burning symbols, there is an extra charge for wood burning symbols (pictures above).

We also do custom broom favors in pin form or magnet form.  You can choose from an array of Small Ribbon Colors (see link above) or Satin Flower Colors (see link above).  These are great for a different kind of boutonnire on your groom or groomsmen.  There is a section on the custom quote form that asks if you want to add them.

All brooms have a Lifetime Warranty on workmanship only.  To read more please go to our Broom Care & Other Facts Sheet (link left or above).