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April 8, 1999 For My Cat Clyve

Watching you grow from a small kitten to a young adult cat,
Has given me so much pleasure and joy.

You are always getting into trouble while you are awake,
And I always have to keep in mind that you are still
Learning right from wrong.

You pounce and bite the bigger, older cats and always end up
Walking away with a mouth full of hair, Only to turn around
And pounce and bite once more.

I hear the sounds of the older cats hissing and crying,
While they wait for me to appear, to break up the battle
between the two of you.

You always look so sweet and innocent while you are a sleep,
But we all know what you are really like when you are awake.

What I like best of all, is when you climb up into my lap
And curl up in a ball. To hear your loud purr and to feel
Your love for me. To know that you will always be my little
Baby kitten.

By: Lirica Copyright 1999

**NOTE FROM AUTHOR: "Unfortunately Clyve passed away in June 2011 at the age of 13.

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