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Can Witches Fly?

By Baltic Bard

  "I was cleaning out some papers this weekend and came across one of my notebooks where I write stuff down that I find interesting... unfortunately, I have several of these *g*.  In any event, this was written by a Christian friend of mine. And maybe her facts aren't exactly straight *g*, but I loved it; I hope you do too."  Toria (with permission)

  Whatever you have read about some magic potion that
made a witch dream she was flying or some ancient
Celtic ritual that was greatly exaggerated through the
years, or some illusion that witches cast upon their
victims; no, it never was.

  Witches really could fly, in a time far gone; they
were beings of great power, free of the laws of
nature; good or evil, depending on a whim; part of
nature, part of the norm of society; never on the
brim, always there, to be feared by the average
dweller of life; creatures of night; silent by day;
casting great magick; inspiring great fear and awe.

  Then they died away; silent forever; all that was
left were the stories my mother told me; filling me
with a strange sense of loss; I mourned them for a
long time; I mourned for witches, for a way of life
that my soul yeared for; the old ways, the old
beliefs; when witches really had magickal powers, and
a person could still become a saint and see Jesus, and
perform miracles.

  Don't let history and science and the laws of
gravity, and awful reality lie to you; I take my
stance on the Bible itself, on the words of the
Master; on having faith; on believing nothing is
impossible; taking in my heart, believing all I was
told; all that I believe is true; have faith; magick
exists somewhere; hidden someplace in enternity; where
forest nymphs and river gods exist, faeries and fairy
tales exist; in forests, castles, lands of
enchantment. Don't ever let go, because if you do,
then sadness sets in and you slowly die.

  The answer to the question, my pagan treasures;
witches really could fly once; maybe one day they will
again; without someone babbling Satan and hellfire and
damnation, and ruining the party, because the witch
was made by God, just as the saint was made by God;
and a witch flying is a miracle, and miracle is magick
with another label, and it all boils down to faith.

  God bless you my pagan treasures; wonderful
creatures of the Lord, loved, cherished; and
misunderstood by those who call themselves His
followers who persecuted and killed many of your own,
but what can be said; of stupidity; when the Jews of
the past killed their own Messiah, and still deny him;
it's called chaos; it is human nature.

  As for myself I'm blessed; I found the witches, and
magick, and my faith in miracles came back. So you
see, nothing is impossible.


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