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Broom Care Sheet

All brooms have a Lifetime Warranty on workmanship only. The following is covered under the warranty: If the head should fall off the broom by it's self with no help from you. The ribbon on op of the broom handle unties. The glue comes off the ribbon around the broom head. Any other DAMAGE to the broom is NOT covered by the warranty. To have your broom fixed, Contact Us.

During travel to and from a Festival as well as travel to your home by car or by shipping, may cause the broom to flatten. This can easily be fixed. Hang your broom up with the bristles hanging downward. Now gently and slowly pull the straw from the center out towards you. Do this all the way around the broom. This fluffs the broom back to the way it looked when you bought it from the Broom Maker.

You should always hang your broom on the wall of your choosing. You can hang the broom any way you choose. The Broom Makers recommendation is to hang both ends of the broom on the wall. She believes this protects your broom better then hanging the broom by one end only. Try and make sure you don't hang it on a wall that gets a lot of sunlight. This may cause the color in the flowers to fade. This is not covered under the warranty. Also, don't let your broom rest on it's bristles. This can damage the bristles and cause them to break off the broom head. This is not covered under the warranty.

It is not recommended that you redecorate your broom with foriegn objects, such as fake spider webbing, silly string, hairspray, glitter, etc... These kinds and other redecoration's of the broom are not covered under the warranty.  Finally, Respect your broom and your broom will respect you during ritual work!