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Aydin & Dawn's Handfasting (Oct 2005)

The following pictures are of Aydin & Dawn's Handfasting. **To view larger picture, click on the image.**

Dawn & Aydin

  Custom Made Handfasting Broom (Besom) - October 26, 2004 - "Hi Lirica, I am presently planning my Handfasting/Wedding ritual and would very much like to discuss with you the possibility of crafting a customized broom for the occasion." D. Camiolo (Lady Amunet), Brooklyn, NY. (handfasting is to take place on October 16, 2005. Her High Preistess and fiance saw my work at the L.A. Pagan Pride Festival in 2004

July 22, 2005 "The wood for your handle is done. It looks great! There is a natural marking that I think looks like the Triple Moon Goddess Symbol )O(." Lirica

August 15, 2005 "Your broom is done and ready to be shipped! I can't wait for you to see it!" Lirica

September 10, 2005 "I received the broom. It is beautiful. I will write more after the wedding, Thank you so much!" D. Camiolo (Lady Amunet), Brooklyn, NY.

June 29, 2006 "Dearest Sister Lirica, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, from my deepest heart, for blessing my marriage with one of your beautiful creations. About a year before my wedding, my magickal partner visited California, and saw your crafts, most notably, your besom. He felt, you were the one to craft my broom for my handfasting ceremony. Of course, trusting his judgement, I called you immediately. I was delighted with our conversations following in that year. You were so attentive to every detail. Always showing great concern for my vision. There were times I even envisioned you crafting the broom for me. I saw you take great care in your work. After receiving the broom, I knew that was true. You definitely "tuned" right in. Since this was one of the most important events of my life, I recruited many of my fellow pagans to magickally infuse every aspect of that day. Unbeknownst to you, I decide to have Peacock feathers added to my center pieces, as well as around the hearth to honor our gracious goddess of marriage, Hera. So of course when I found out my broom was being crafted with Peacock feathers, I was not surprised. Thanks be to our God and Goddess for your beautiful hands. May they always create such divine works." D. Camiolo (Lady Amunet), Brooklyn, NY.



Customer Comment - December 29, 2005 - "I am going to have a handfasting/wedding ceremony, and would love a broom from your design! The last picture of the handfasting broom you made was absolutley grogeous!! The way the wood naturally curved (cork screw willow) that way is spectacular! I was blown away, and would love more info on your designs." - L. Castellanos, Van Nuys, CA.