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Awards Won

The following is a list of Web Site awards that this site has won:

I would like to thank Kalika for giving us our first Web Award!

March 8, 2004 "Great site you got...Keep up the great work...Very impressive..." In Light and Darkness, Kalika

I would like to thank Faren from The Candle and Cauldron for giving us our second Web Award!

March 27, 2004 "I am pleased to say that I have reviewed your site and found it most impressive. Great job! :) May the Gods smile favorably upon you and yours, and may peace be with you always. Blessed Be!" Peace be with you, Faren

I would like to thank - Kay from 13 - The Witching Hour for giving us our Third Web Award!

May 19, 2004 "I'm very sorry for the delay in being able to write you - In regard to an award. I apologize for taking so long. It's been a while since you wrote an inquired about awards. I'm very proud to send you the "Mystical Site Award" for your site. I appreciate you writing and requesting an award. Wishing You/Your Sites The Best...." Kay

I would like to thank Amy for giving us our fourth Web Award!

April 11, 2005 "This is Amy, Junior Editor for, the internet's authority hub for spiritual related web sites. Welcome, and congratulations on such a wonderful site =). As part of my new job here at Spirit and Sky, I spend my time visiting sites and giving awards to those that deserve it. So congratulations for having a VERY relevant, on-topic site, and thank you for making the internet a better place! :) It's your award, you earned it. Congratulations!" With hopes of love, light, music and happiness, Amy Lui


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