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August - Lammas

For the Festival of Lammas (August 1), bake a "loaf mass" using traditional harvest grains and lay it on your altar.

Acording to English custom, a woman confined prior to birthing was in "groaning;" hence a "groaning cake" was baked to celebrate the infant's arrival - this cake could serve as a modern welcome gift.

Incorporate the forest elements of Druid, Celtic, and mythological legends and superstitions thematically in party invitations, party favors, and table decorations.

Carrying a bit of feverfew on your person repels bees, which is especially helpful for those who are allergic to the sting.

Cedar trees represent fidelity and incorrupitbility; plant them in your yard for a stable home.

Amber appears in many myths as "the tears of the Sun"; wear it to enhance solar magic.


1st - Lammas/Lunasadh.  Discovery of Lindow Man, who has been dated to the second century BCE and is believed to be a Druid, 1984.  Birthday of Edward Kelly, 1555.  Harvesting Day.  New Moon.  Solar Eclipse (2:52 pm EDT)

2nd - Birthday of Henry Steel Olcott, who confounded the Theosophical Society with H. P. Blavatsky, 1832.  Harvesting Day.

3rd - Planting Day.

4th - Celtic Tree Month of Holly ends.  Planting Day.

5th - Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins.  Birthday of Sydney Omarr, astrologer.  Planting Day.

6th - Planting Day.

7th - Planting Day.

8th - Planting Day.  Juno come out of Retrograde (5:40 am EDT).

9th - Carl Weschcke buys Llewellyn Publications and moves the small mail-order astrological publishing company from California to Minnesota, 1960.  Planting Day.

11th - Laurie Cabot withdraws from the Salem, Massachusetts, mayoral race, 1987.  Birthday of Edain McCoy, Wiccan author and Witch.

12th - Birthday of Edith Hamilton, author of several well-known mythology books.

13th - Aradia de Toscano said to be born in Volterra, Italy, 1313.  Church of Wicca founded in Australia by Lady Tamara Von Forslun, 1989.

15th - Birthday of Charles Godfrey Leland, author of "Aradia, Gospel of Witches", 1824.

16th - Full Moon (Corn Moon).  Lunar Eclipse (2:52 pm EDT).

17th - Anniversary of Scott Cunningham's first Wiccan initiation, 1973.  Death of Nicholas Black Elk, member of the Ghost Dance, 1950.  Planting Day.

18th - Father Urbain Grandier found guilty of bewitching nuns in Loudoun, France, 1634.  Planting Day.

19th - John Wilard and Reverend George Burroughs put to death in the Salem Witch trials, 1692.  Harvesting Day.

20th - Execution of the Lancahire, England, Witches, 1612.  Birthday of H.P. Lovecraft, writer and magician.  Birthday of Ann Moura, author and Witch.  Harvesting Day.

21st - Harvesting Day.

22nd - Pope John XXII orders Inquisition at Carcassone to seize the property of Witches, sorcerers, and those who make waxen images, 1320.  Order of the Rosy Cross established in Paris, 1623.  Sun enters Virgo.  Planting Day.

23rd - Harvesting Day.

24th - Harvesting Day.

25th - Harvesting Day.

28th - Harvesting Day.

29th - Election of Pope Innocent VIII who issued the witchcraft bull "Summis Desiderantes Affectibus."  Harvesting Day.

30th - New Moon.

31st - Birthday of Raymond Buckland, who, along with his first wife Rosemary, is generally credited with bringing Gardnerian Wicca to the United States, 1934.  Planting Day.

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