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Archive & Library Sites

Internet Medieval Sourcebook - The Internet Medieval Sourcebook is organized as three main index pages, with a number of supplementary documents. Each individual section is still large - an organizational goal here is to avoid incessant "clicking" to get between pages and to information.

Internet Sacred Text Archive - This is a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship.

Pagan Library - There is more than one path to the truth and it is not always in plain sight... Here are articles, stories, music and various thoughts on what it is to be Neo-Pagan.

Pagan Nation Library System - The Pagan Nation Library consists of a combination of documents intended to further communication within and understanding of the phenomena that is the modern Pagan Community. This volume consists of documents found in the public domain, documents with specific copyright status, and material created specifically for the Pagan Nation Library which have been released under the Pagan Nation Library "Copyleft". We welcome this chance to serve the pagan community as well as the individuals that make it work.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library - The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) is a collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.