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April - Spring

Plant an elder tree by itself in the garden; fairy lore holds that it will grant wishes if it is well cared for.

Share an apple as gypsy lovers do; cut it in half haorizontally to reveal the core's pentacle.

Peel an apple in one continuous piece, throw the peel over your shoulder; the letter shape it resembles will be the first initial of your ture love.

If moving into a new home, take a vessel of salt to ward off evil spirits in the Scottish tradition.

Although the raven has been deemed a harbringer of death in Arthurian legends, it is also a caretaker of ritualistic magic.

The custom of men wearing boutonnieres comes from the medieval practice of knights wearing the colors of their beloved.

Eat chervil in the spring, added to salads or savoury dishes, to cleanse your system of winter ills and sluggishness; and if you charge the herb first with your wish for purification, it will be all the more effective.

Wear malachite for success in business or gardening.


1st - Death of Elias Ashmole, healer and philosopher, 1634.  April Fools's Day.  Harvesting Day.

2nd - Ralph Morse, a Witch from Colchester, is suspended from his teaching job following a news article in England's Independent Circle, 2000.  Birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, fairy tale writer.  Harvesting Day.  Pluto enters retrograde (5:23 am EDT).

5th - Alice Samuel, her husband, and daughter accused of bewitching children and the wife of Sir Henry Cromwell, stand trial in 1593.  Harvesting Day.  New Moon.

6th - Birthday of Harry Houdini, stage magician.  First Wiccan tract published by Pete Pathfinder, 1996.

7th - Church of All Worlds founded, 1962, celebrated it's 40th Anniversary in 2002.  Planting Day.

8th - William Alexander Aynton initiated into the Isis-Urania temple of the Golden Dawn, 1896.

9th - Birthday of Montague Summers, 1880; four hundred years after the publication of the Malleus Maleficarum, he called its authors "brilliant".

11th - Burning of Major Weir, alleged Scottish sorcerer, 1670.

12th - Handfasting of Oberon and Morning Glory Zell, 1974.

13th - First confession of witchcraft by Isobel Gowdie, whose case is unusual because she confessed without torture, Scotland, 1662.

14th - Adoption of the "Principles of Wiccan Belief" at the "Witch Meet" in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1974.  Celtic Tree Month of Alder ends.

15th - Birthday of Elizabeth Montgomery, Samantha on TV's Bewitched.  Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins.  Planting Day.

16th - Birthday of Margot Adler, author of "Drawing Down the Moon," 1946.  Planting Day.

17th - Aleister Crowley breaks into the Golden Dawn temple, providing the catalyst for the demise of the orginal Golden Dawn, 1900.

18th - Planting Day.  Juno enters Retrograde (8:48 am EDT).

19th - Conviction of Witches at Chelmsford, England, 1579; this was the second of four major Witch trials at Chelmsford.  Planting Day.  Sun enters Taurus.

20th - Passover begins.  Full Moon (Wind Moon).  Planting Day.

21st - Planting Day.

22nd - Earth Day.

23rd - Edward III of England begins the Order of the Garter, which anthrropologist Margaret Murray later links to witchcraft, 1350.  First national all-women conference on women's spirituality, Boston, 1976.  Harvesting Day.

24th - Birthday of Shirley MacClaine, new-age author and actress.  Harvesting Day.

25th - "USA Today" reports that Patricia Hutchins is the first military Wiccan granted religious leave for the sabbats, 1989.  "The Witches of Gulfport" episode of JAG airs on CBS, 2000.  Orthodox Good Friday.

26th - Widow Robinson of Kidderminster and her two daughters are arrested for trying to prevent the return of Charles II from exile by use of magic, 1660.  Planting Day.

27th - Orthodox Easter.  Passover Ends.

28th - Harvesting Day.

29th - Birthday of Ed Fitch, Wiccan author.  Harvesting Day.

30th - Alex Sanders dies of lung Cancer, 1988.  On Walpurgis Night German Witches gather on the Blocksberg, a mountain in the Harz Mountain Range in Germany.

EDT = Eastern Daylight Time will become Eastern Standard Time (EST) on November 2, 2008

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