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About Lirica

Merry Meet Everyone!  The following information is about Lirica (Auburn Witch)!

Lirica (Auburn Witch) is a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan since 1997 with interests in “The Burning Times” and all information about “Witches”. She has come to realize “since she has come out of the broom closet” that she is a natural witch and needs more time to study and to develop her own unique art.

Lirica enjoys writing poetry, doing Tarot card readings for her family and friends. She has also been doing handmade crafts since 1993. In the beginning small wreaths were Lirica’s handy work. Now she is working with a greater challenge by creating round brooms (besoms) from all natural materials. (Please, visit her online shoppe, where she custom designs round brooms (besoms), the link is below.)

Lirica is currently crafting with woods such as Cottonwood, Sycamore, Cork Screw Willow, Mulberry, Cherry, California Elm, Mermosa, Modesto Ash, Pine & Grapevine. These are truly one of a kind pieces of her art and creativity for others. Lirica continues to research the ideas she has for other things.

Lirica has been studing herb products since 1997. She has developed knowledge about herbs and all their magickal uses.

Lirica has been Married to a wonderful man since 1997, who loves her for her. He is not Wiccan, and he doesn't mind that she is Wiccan.


Lirica and her husband have known each other since birth. His mother and her mother were (until his mother's passing) best friends in Junior high (now called middle school) and high school. They were born a month and a half apart. She was born in June (Gemini) and he was born in July (Leo). They grew up together and dated when they were 18 years old. After many years had pasted their paths crossed again and they fell in love once again.

Their Daughter, Brianna was born on November 6, 1999. She was 19 days early, but is in perfect health. They love her very much and could not image their lives without her.


Their 2nd Daughter, Eronele was born on November 26, 2009. She was 5 weeks early and it was a very rocky road during the first couple of months with her health, but she is in perfect health now. They love her very much and could not image their lives without both of their daughters.


Lirica has been working very hard on several different web sites. Please stop by and take a look at some of the others web sites she has done.

Lirica hopes you have enjoyed reading about her and she looks forward to helping anyone in need (even in her super busy schedule). Lirica also hopes you enjoy this web site and all of it's contents. Lirica wishes you a Blessed Day!

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